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Your Home

Home is where our story begins. At The Swan Team, we often say – “a house is made of bricks and beams; a home is made of hopes and dreams.” We understand that your home is your dream come true. Your home houses your family’s lifestyle and net worth.

The Swan Team is here to help you protect your most important investment. As homeowners, we realize that purchasing a home is probably the most important transaction you will make. As neighbors, we acknowledge that owning a home is perhaps the most important experience your family will have.

Your Home Maintenance

When life gets busy, there’s no place like home. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is easy to push off your honey-do list to next week, next month or even next year. The truth is that home maintenance should be part of your weekly, monthly, and annual routine.

Home maintenance protects your most important investment. As the saying goes – “if you focus on the problem, it will only get bigger.” By properly maintaining your home throughout the year, you will save yourself potential headaches and repair costs down the road. That’s why we advise all our neighbors to focus on the solution (home maintenance), not the problem (potential cost).

Your Home Termite Inspection

Did you know? A Termite Inspection with The Swan Team is Free! As your realtor of choice, we offer free services that help you love where you live and give where you love. We will introduce you to a local termite inspector – a trusted referral exclusive to our valued neighbors. A Free Termite Inspection is just one way to share the love and give it back to you!

Schedule your Free Termite Inspection Now

Most of us do not value the importance of home inspections. Before I was a realtor, I completely undervalued the importance of home inspectors, much less termite inspections. However, annual home inspections – like a termite inspection – keep the cost of home maintenance down. (Besides, who wants to share their home with pesky termites?)

Maintenance now avoids costly repairs later, and inspections now prevent pests later. An inspection now will help you see into the future and give you the peace of mind you seek. Let us help you invest in your home now and increase the value of your home later!

Your Home Gift

Home maintenance is the gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy peace of mind in your home now and home appreciation in your pocket later. We promise – it’s worth it! Take us up on our offer for a Free Termite Inspection for your Orange County Home.

Schedule your Free Termite Inspection Now

If you want to schedule your free termite inspection, courtesy of The Swan Team – get a free termite report – Contact Us Now!

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“We donate $500 to the school of your choice for every property you buy or sell!”

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