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If you plan to sell your home in 2018, then read this first.

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Simple Moving and Packing Tips

Congratulations! You’ve decided to not only sell your home but start the moving process. How do you make the job of packing your home easier? This is one of the most common questions we get. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of simple moving and packing tips just for you.

If you plan to sell your home in 2018, then read this first. The process of selling your home starts long before you go on the market. And, the process will go that much smoother if you follow our simple moving and packing tips. Keep reading to get this must-have checklist!

The Swan Team Moving Checklist

We want you to succeed at preparing for a successful home sale! Before you start packing everything up to move into your next home, you need a checklist. We asked expert movers, skilled packers, and professional organizers to share their best moving hacks. Then, we added our simple tips to create your go-to packing checklist.

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15 Simple Moving and Packing Tips

It’s our job to make sure you understand every aspect of the real estate transaction. From start to finish, we’re here to make the selling process simple. Get a head start with our simple moving and packing tips. We’ve condensed them all into our must-have The Swan Team Checklist. Let’s get started!

1. Get rid of unused and unnecessary items.

Take this opportunity to declutter your home and your life. If you eliminate clutter, you will spend less time packing, moving, and unpacking items that would be better sold, donated, or trashed. This is the most impactful and simple packing tip for an efficient move.

2. Work your way through your home, packing items systematically

Start with packing less necessary items like off-season clothing, books you’ve already read, and small mementos. Then, move onto packing decorative items a few weeks out. Remember to keep belongings like must-have clothes and toiletries out to pack into an overnight bag for the move.

3. Research professional moving companies.

Research is not everyone’s idea of fun. However, the more effort you put into finding a reputable moving company, the smoother things will go on moving day. Yelp and Google may be a good place to start, but don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. Because a moving company can make or break your moving experience, feel free to ask us for a recommendation!

4. After you create your master moving to-do list, add everything to the calendar.

Detailing a timeline will allow you to work through these simple moving and packing tips with ease. Schedule disconnection times a month before you move. Change your address a week before. Stop buying groceries one week out. Defrost the refrigerator at least one day prior. Need more suggestions or have more questions, just ask!

5. Organize items by category not by room.

That way you can load boxes from the same room together to expedite the moving and unpacking process. Label your boxes accurately and clearly. If you want to take your box labeling a step further, create a number system. As you pack up a box, write a list of all the items found inside. Not only will you know the total number of boxes you’re moving, but you can head straight to box #3 instead of searching every box labelled “Kitchen.”

6. Pack important papers and moving documentation separately.

Pack a separate box or briefcase with copies of all your important papers and documents in case of an emergency. Though it might be a tedious project to scan or copy every birth certificate, passport, social security card, proof of insurance paper, and tax claim, you don’t want to risk damaging the only version of your papers in transit. They’re too precious!

7. Grab extra moving and packing supplies.

Don’t forget the “just in case” items. Make a list before you head to the hardware store. If you stock up on extra supplies, you’ll be set to go from start to finish when moving and packing. Make sure to stock up now on extra supplies like light bulbs, extension cords, and power strips.

8. Use laundry baskets, trash bins, and suitcases as boxes.

Once you have put baskets, bins, and suitcases to good use, you can pick up moving boxes from the local liquor store. Remember, small boxes work best for heavy items, and big boxes work best for lighter items. Your team and your back will thank you!

9. In lieu of bubble wrap, protect your fragile items with clothing and linens.

Make sure you wrap each of your fragile items separately. If you don’t have packing paper or don’t want to use bubble wrap, a quilted blanket or throw blanket will work well. Put stemware and glasses inside clean socks for extra padding. With fragile dishware and decorative items, consider cushioning the side of the boxes.

10. As you disassemble furniture or electronics, keep hardware and cords in a bag.

Label the bag and tape it to the furniture or electronics themselves, or designate a separate box with hardware and cords. Take a picture of the assembly before you start disassembling to make the reassembly process simple.

11. Put jewelry in egg cartons.

Keep your necklaces from knotting and tangling. If you have ever transported jewelry, you know this can be a pain. Save your time for more important tasks!

12. Place a cotton ball in makeup compacts.

Doing so will keep them from breaking. This is a simple tip that goes a long way. Avoid having to clean up a mess or purchase new products!

13. Use rubber bands to keep pots and lids together.

Keep everything paired appropriately. Trust us, you do not want to sift through loose pots and lids!

14. Set aside a clear plastic box with things you’ll need right away.

This can include cleaning supplies and household items. Think toilet paper, a shower curtain, hand soap, towels, sheets, snacks, or whatever else you think you’ll need for the first day or night in your new home. Having a few essential items on hand will make you feel more comfortable and prepared to finish your move.

15. Pack clean sheets for your beds in your dryer.

That way you can easily fluff them and unpack them. Once your dryer is plugged in at your new home, you can start to make your bedroom feel like home. Make the beds first, and enjoy your first night’s rest in your new house!

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