Market Updates

Feb. 12, 2024

10 Affordable Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Luxe Makeover

In the heart of every home lies the kitchen, a space where culinary magic happens, families gather, and memories are made. Yet, for many, the dream of a luxurious, magazine-worthy kitchen seems out of reach, tangled in the misconceptions of high costs and extensive renovations. But what if we told ...

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Jan. 25, 2024

Your Winter Home Care Checklist: Keeping Your Home Warm and Safe

Winter brings its own set of challenges for homeowners. From near-freezing temperatures at night to rain downpours, it's essential to prepare your home for the colder months. Here’s a comprehensive checklist to ensure your home is safe, energy-efficient, and ready to withstand the winter weather.


1. Inspect and ...

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Jan. 25, 2024

Canyon Crest Market Update for January 2024 - OC's Sizzling Winter Market

With the holiday festivities behind us, Orange County's real estate scene is entering its unique winter phase. This season is typically marked by a stable inventory, a spike in buyer interest, and a notably brisk market tempo. 

When it comes to Canyon Crest, 2024 started with 3 new ...

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Jan. 11, 2024

Top Home Decor Trends of 2024

The world of home decor is constantly evolving, with fresh trends emerging each year that reflect broader changes in technology, society, and aesthetics. As we step into 2024, several key trends are set to dominate the home decor landscape. These trends are not only about style but also about functionality ...

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Dec. 19, 2023

Canyon Crest Market Update - December 2023



2023 Was Another Slow Year for Canyon Crest Real Estate


To say that this year has been slow in real estate is an understatement...and that certainly rings true here in Canyon Crest. Mortgage interest rates of up to 8% were largely to blame. But it wasn ...

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Dec. 15, 2023

Buying a Home During the Holidays: Navigating a Unique Market

Often marked by festive decorations and family gatherings, the holiday season might seem like an unconventional time for house hunting. However, buying a home during the holidays can offer some unique advantages and opportunities.

Less Competition: One of the most significant benefits of buying during the holiday season is reduced ...

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Dec. 14, 2023

Orange County Real Estate: A Tale of Two Markets

In the quiet corridors of Orange County's luxury housing scene, echoes of a market shift are apparent. Picture this: an eerily quiet TSA line at LAX, a deserted Starbucks drive-thru, and the local hot-spot eatery with unexpected Friday night availability. This paints an accurate picture of the current state ...

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Nov. 30, 2023

The Seasonal Shift in Orange County

In the realm of real estate, housing supply, including the availability of homes for sale, the willingness of homeowners to sell, and the level of buyer demand, are at notably low levels. These metrics have been scraping the bottom since the pre-COVID era and amidst high mortgage rates. These trends ...
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Nov. 28, 2023

Canyon Crest Market Update - November 2023


Slow Holiday Season for Real Estate in Canyon Crest


While everyone is furiously holiday gift shopping this time of year, real estate sales tend to slow considerably. There are just three active properties on the market in Canyon Crest right now and two that are under contract (one ...

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Nov. 14, 2023

OC's Real Estate Rhythms: November’s Pulse

November in Orange County brings more than just cooler temperatures and holiday preparations; it also heralds a unique phase in our real estate market. As we embrace the festive season, here's what's unfolding in the backdrop of our vibrant housing landscape:


A Seasonal Shift: The countdown to ...
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