Proposed Rule Change for Artificial Turf in
Canyon Crest
You may have noticed in our most recent Canyon Crest HOA mailing that there are proposed artificial turf regulations to supersede the regulations already in place. The new rules have very specific stipulations about how artificial turf can be used - including but not limited to artificial turf shall not be installed closer than 24" to the community sidewalk and must have a defined permanent barrier at least 4" in width. 

I asked our HOA managers, Otis & Associates why this rule change has been proposed. Here is the response I received from Kathy at Otis HOA:

"There has been a steep rise in the requests by homeowners to install artificial turf in Canyon Estates.  Driving through the community, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) noted that some installations look better than others.  They thought that some installations just looked like a big green rug and going over property lines. By restricting the amount of artificial turf and keeping plants, trees, etc. it would maintain a more natural look – retaining the premier status of the Canyon Estates community."

It makes sense that there has been an increase in artificial turf requests considering the drought conditions and threatened water restrictions. What are your thoughts about this proposed rule change?

Email me at with your thoughts, as I have plenty of my own. I plan to attend the October meeting to find out what the HOA board, architectural review committee, and homeowners have to say about this issue.