This year has been quite a roller coaster ride for real estate, and Canyon Crest has been no exception. January through April, most homes in our community wouldn't last longer than a week on the market. In that week, a home would receive 5-20 offers, often tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the asking price. In April, the first significant interest rate hike occurred and suddenly, buyers could no longer afford the escalating prices. Suddenly, multiple offers turned into no offers, and homes not selling at all. For lack of a better term, buyers got really spooked by the rapidly increasing interest rates and everyone began envisioning 2008 and 2009 happening all over again. Over the summer and fall months, sales came to a screeching halt. But (and this is a big but), sales started picking up in October and have continued through now. Even though rates went as high as 8% this year, they have settled in at the low 6% range. Buyers seem to be adjusting their expectations of what they can afford, and sellers are adjusting their expectations of what they can sell their property for. As I always tell clients: realistic expectations are key. 

So what can you expect from Canyon Crest real estate in 2023? Well, let's first look at how we are wrapping up 2022.  

  • 22 homes sold in Canyon Crest in 2022 vs. 52 homes sold in Canyon Crest in 2021 - simply put, fewer homes were listed in 2022 vs. 2021
  • There is just one active property in Canyon Crest right now. Pre-pandemic there might be 10-15 properties on the market at this time of year. Bottom line: inventory is still very low.
  • 5 properties sold in the past 30 days vs. only 5 properties selling in the previous 6 months (June - November)

With nearly non-existent inventory and plenty of buyers wanting to live in Canyon Crest, there is ample opportunity for homeowners to cash in on all the equity that has accumulated over the past couple of years and beyond. Sellers who prepare their homes properly for sale and price at fair market value will achieve success in 2023.


See for yourself what is going on in the Canyon Crest market:


What's currently for sale?

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What properties are in escrow (under contract or pending)? 

Spoiler alert: there are none


What properties have sold in the past 30 days? 

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